New sawmill lines with powerful technology

Line engineering for sawmills is a task that foremost requires a high level of experience. Besides powerful woodworking machines, a harmonious interplay of all components is essential.

The planning and building of new lines for sawmills is one of the core competences of CTR Holztechnik. In this process we define individual requirements for the customer's plans and create the lines, including the corresponding woodworking

machines, which are adjusted down to the last detail to the requirement profile of the individual sawmill. For a sawmill to operate efficiently and profitably, all details should be perfect right from the planning stage. Our team looks back on many years of experience when it comes to planning and installing sawmills. This is why we can guarantee perfect results. 


The combination of energy efficiency and power - modern woodworking machines and sawmill lines from CTR Holztechnik.

Due to the applied woodworking machines, the sawmill lines we plan and implement are not only highly efficient, but also future-proof. This is because we use innovative technology, which gives our sawmills the market lead. For example, a feature of the conveyor technology we use is a markedly low electricity usage, which guarantees an energy-efficient wood transport within the sawmill. Among other things, this is also possible because of state-of-the-art materials such as Hadox steel as well as modern motors and gear units. 



Customized solutions for sawmills and individually tailored woodworking machines.

When planning a sawmill or systems for the wood industry, we are always focused on the ideas and requirements of our customers. Right from the start we work in close cooperation with our customers in order to ensure at an early stage of the project that the sawmill can meet all requirements. This way, CTR Holztechnik has continually gained a reputation for exceptionally stable, durable and efficient solutions in the sawmill sector. 




Your reliable partner for woodworking and wood-processing machines

with state-of-the-art technology - CTR Holztechnik. 

We have more than 20 years of experience as a system supplier for sawmills. Whether you need a glulam line, installations for solid structural wood or technology for logs - we offer you support with our extensive expertise when it comes to woodworking machines. Contact our team for a first informal meeting