New machinery for wood processing

Especially when dealing with the precious resource wood, the principle of sustainability is gaining importance. This is why CTR Holztechnik places high value on maximum accuracy and minimum offcuts when it comes to its machinery for wood processing.

It is becoming increasingly important to use the precious resource wood considerately. This is not only a matter of sustainability and the responsible treatment of nature, but also a matter of cost effectiveness. Especially in the sector of wood-processing, it is becoming increasingly important that machinery operates extraordinarily accurately and therefore uses resources efficiently.


Controlled production processes for wood-processing systems ensure results at the highest standards.

The demands for the processing of wood have clearly changed. Today, there is much focus on the application-specific use. However, this also means that the application area of the cutting is decisive for processing.

One example for this are knot-free products called "clears". They are mainly used for products with a particularly high dimensional stability. Among these are finished products such as parquet or technical products such as building panels, formwork panels, formwork beams, cross laminated timber, glue laminated timber, duo and triolam, as well as solid structural timber.



Advanced systems and machinery for the processing of wood.

CTR Holztechnik plans entire new plants for the processing of wood and is able to deliver the respective machinery at attractive conditions, thanks to the relationships with renowned manufacturers of wood-processing machines that have grown over years. Depending on the individual requirements, we can offer machinery for wood processing in all performance classes. Among the most frequently requested wood-processing machines are optimizing crosscut saws, as well as material scanners and the corresponding control of the central computer.




Your expert for plant engineering - from production sites for solid structural timber to panel production - CTR Holztechnik.

The CTR Holztechnik team can look back on many years of experience when it comes to the planning and development of systems for the wood industry, and can plan a large variety of plant types for you, ranging from plants for solid structural timber or constructional timber to panel production lines for building panels or massive CLT wood walls. In cooperation with our partners, we implement processing plants, such as planing mills for profiled work pieces or quality sorting with scanner technology. Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with information about our plant engineering.