Small planing line delivered to Canada

Small planing line delivered to Canada

A complete small but powerful planing line manufactured by WEINIG was delivered to Vancouver. The whole line with its simple mechanized system was dismantled by the purchaser and reassembled in Vancouver after shipping.


CTR Holztechnik has been contracted for the sale of various machinery components of a sawmill. Among other things, the planing system was sold and put to a new use at the turn of the year.


From now on, the system will be used in a company that is specialized in MDF profile processing.


Single conveyor

Single conveyor delivered to Lithuania

Various single units from a dissolution of a plant were delivered to Lithuania. A contract was concluded with an established customer from the processing sector for the delivery of a stacking machine and various single conveyors.


The components are being used for equipping a planing line.

Single conveyor

Twin band saw delivered to Chile

A complete planing line with an integrated twin band saw was put out of service by its operator in Germany. CTR Holztechnik was commissioned with the selling of the complete planing system with extraction system and band saw. Various single units were promptly sold to current and new customers. Once again, the long-standing network of customers and traders, which has grown over the years, has proven its reliability.


Recently, the twin band saw including mechanization was consigned with container shipping to Chile. There, the system will be used a second time and be installed in a planing mill.



Joint advertising with KRESTA / SMB / SystemTM

Three powerful solutions

Joint advertising for the sawmill congress from 17 to 19 March 2014


In the area of wood processing, we are jointly planning and implementing our projects with the technological full-service provider KRESTA Industries, who is established on the market with its durable and complex new plants. The company's expertise is a great asset for the wood industry's European market.


In the field of wood processing, the companies SMB and SystemTM are reliable partners in the solid-wood market segment.


Also, additional services for our customers, as well as individual offers in the second-hand market, offer economically expedient impulses for fast growth.




CTR represents SMB and cooperates with Kresta

CTR Holztechnik in Bruckmühl is acting as proxy of SMB Maschinenbau GmbH in Vöhringen and will in future also be working in cooperation with the Austrian company Kresta Anlagenbau Gesellschaft m.b.H. of St. Andrä.


Euwid 12, 20 March 2014


Breaking fresh ground...

CTR Holztechnik repositioned itself in 2013. Its main focus is on project development in the area of new and used plants. A stable structure with partner companies is in place.


Holzkurier 11, 13 March 2014


Now represented throughout Europe

CTR Holztechnik (Consult und Trading Rosenheim) has repositioned itself with renowned suppliers from the wood industry. The main focus is on project development of new and used plants in the areas of woodworking and wood processing. According to a statement, CTR builds upon a stable partnership-based structure.


Holzzentralblatt, 4 April 2014





New sales partner SMB

From now on, CTR Holztechnik is responsible for sales of finger jointing lines, joinery machines und gluing presses (Torwegge)


Holzkurier 39/2013


Hain orders new optimizing cross-cut saw

The parquet manufacturer Hain has placed a large order for an optimizing cross-cut saw with top-layer sorting from our sales partner SystemTM. This system scans and cuts covering slats, which are mainly made of oak, to a fixed length.


The handling and sorting of the hardwood slats, that can be up to 4 mm thick, is especially demanding.


Debarking system to East Russia

A good, used debarking machine was sold to East Russia. The VK debarking machine will be overhauled and subsequently assembled in a saw feed-in unit to a chipper-canter system.   

Sorting boxes for logs

A German sawmill has ordered 120 log sorting boxes which are in mint condition. Despite cross-border transport costs, the used boxes were promptly delivered by truck.




CTR Holztechnik in full swing

CTR Holztechnik is open to a new agency in the woodworking sector and will additionally increase its marketing efforts in the sector of second-hand machinery in Europe.



Press release for Ligna 2013





CTR Holztechnik sells another complete sawmill system

At the beginning of 2013, the company Hasslacher, Arnoldstein (A) assigned the selling of a complete plant to CTR Holztechnik. The sawmill plants which consist of a log yard, saw feed-in, chipper-canter line, 2 sorting units, post-sorting, drying chambers, dipping basin and a goliath crane were sold to a buyer in Belarus.


The machines and plants will be overhauled beforehand and subsequently put into operation again.


New agency in Germany - System TM

Mailing System TM 04/2011

MeDetec AB

Holzkurier 03/2005


Purchasing guide

Holzzentralblatt 04/2002