Woodworking - Innovative machines and systems for sawmills

Many changes are taking place in the woodworking trade. CTR Holztechnik offers advanced and reliable machines and systems, which enable a highly efficient and economically viable operation of your sawmill.

Woodworking technology has advanced, and nowadays machines use modern technology to increase the efficiency of woodworking even more. Apart from the low error rate of a woodworking system, the efficient use of available resources is now in focus more than ever. 



This way, every tree can be used to its fullest. Woodworking machines from the specialist for sawmill systems and machines - CTR Holztechnik. 

It is crucial for a sawmill to process as much wood as possible. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technology, the maximum yield per tree can nowadays be achieved. This creates a contemporary and markedly high operative added value for the sawmill, and also amounts to a responsible and sustainable use of natural resources. 



High-end woodworking machines for sawmills - precise and efficient.

Our new machines are customized for the individual requirements of your sawmill. The use of state-of-the-art technology substantially increases a sawmill's yield. 


Whether new systems or second-hand machinery - CTR Holztechnik is your reliable partner for woodworking machines and other technologies for sawmills.

At CTR Holztechnik you will find woodworking machines and complete lines for the wood industry, from glued laminated timber lines to solid structural timber lines.

Our team offers expert advice and will be happy to arrange an appointment for an informal consultation. Please send us a message.